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3D Laser Scanning

3D laser scanners provide a wider range of data collection and software output for clients which can replace or compliment traditional surveys.

These scanners collect millions of measurements in 3D, called point cloud, and are the perfect tools for 3D documentation and surveying. With a vast range, all areas can be surveyed remotely with high speed data collection with up to 1 million points surveyed per second. We use state of the art point cloud software to produce the point cloud data to its full extent. We can provide a viewer in which all data can be viewed, measured and and points extracted. We can also issue data in requested format. The data can be exported to software products to produce 2D and 3D models for measured floor plans,elevations and sections.

It is the rapid speed and comprehensive collection of data collection that gives rise to the many other benefits of 3D laser scanning. It allows surveys to be carried out with reduced HSE risk, time saving and cost.

Laser scanners provide surveyors the perfect tool to deliver Survey4BIM for major infrastructure projects.

Point Cloud Surveys can be FAST!


Two setups, look at what was collected!

Our client was concerned with the proposed finished floor level of their new build.

We surveyed this site in the morning and we delivered the job to our client within 24 hours.

All neighbouring properties, the site boundary and a whole lot else.

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